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Our Members

AAHA is dedicated to increasing the supply of safe, sanitary, and affordable housing in Alaska.  In partnership with AHFC and an ever-growing list of other state and federal partners, AAHA members serve residents in every part of Alaska. AAHA members are the primary and in many regions the only provider of affordable housing. 


Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

The mission of the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) is to provide Alaskans access to safe, quality, affordable housing. AHFC is a self-supporting public corporation with offices in 16 communities statewide. AHFC provides statewide financing for multi-family complexes, congregate facilities, and single-family homes, with special loans for first-time home buyers, low- and moderate-income borrowers, veterans, teachers, nurses, public safety officers, and those living in rural areas of the state. AHFC also provides energy and weatherization programs, low-income rental assistance in 17 communities, and special programs for the homeless.

Aleutian Housing Authority

Aleutian Housing Authority (AHA) provides affordable housing and other related housing services to low-to-moderate-income families throughout the Aleutian Pribilof Islands region. AHA is the tribally designated housing entity or "TDHE" for 12 federally recognized Tribes within the region. The region is comprised of approximately 100,000 square miles, extending westward from the southwest corner of the Alaska mainland over 1,300 miles and including the Pribilof Islands to the North. Since its inception in 1977, AHA has successfully developed 296 single-family homes, 30 senior living units and 28 affordable rental units in the region. AHA manages 294 units in 10 rural communities.


AVCP Regional Housing Authority

AVCP RHA serves 50 tribes in a region of western Alaska which is the size of the state of Wisconsin. The housing authority provides the Mutual Help homeownership program, affordable rental units, weatherization and home rehabilitation programs. Since their inception, AVCP RHA has constructed over 1,800 homes and apartments in 48 villages.

Baranof Island Housing Authority

Baranof Island Housing Authority (BIHA) addresses housing needs of the Sitka Tribe of Alaska citizens and residents of Sitka and other Baranof Island communities. BIHA collaborates with other agencies to assist eligible households to achieve self-sufficiency and pride through housing opportunities. BIHA builds and manages rental units and lease-to-own units for eligible households. Additionally, BIHA provides weatherization improvements, Tribal home improvements, closing cost assistance, student housing voucher assistance, and general housing counseling and referrals.

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Bering Straits Regional Housing Authority

From their administrative headquarters in Nome, Bering Straits Regional Housing Authority (BSRHA) is a developer of affordable housing projects including new construction, acquisition and rehabilitation in northwest Alaska, serving 17 communities. BSRHA also provides weatherization services. Currently, the housing authority manages over 500 units of affordable housing.

Bristol Bay Housing Authority

Bristol Bay Housing Authority’s (BBHA) mission is to eliminate substandard housing conditions through the development of local capacities that will provide safe, decent and affordable housing opportunities for the Native population of Bristol Bay. BBHA passes through funds to 29 villages and the villages provide services such as modernization/rehab assistance, emergency utility vouchers, drug and alcohol programs and rental assistance.


BBHA provides rehab of existing BBHA homes and a small building program each year to selected villages. BBHA also provides weatherization, rehabilitiation assistance and rental subsidies for 87 Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) apartments and 25 senior housing, weatherization and housing rehabilitation assistance. BBHA provides affordable housing for over six hundred households in the region.


Cook Inlet Housing Authority

With our vision of “Independence through Housing” in mind, Cook Inlet Housing Authority (CIHA) develops programs intended to give our clients a “hand up,” and an opportunity to move people to their own potential for economic empowerment.

CIHA owns and/or operates 926 affordable rental units and has built 56 affordable, single family homes for immediate homeownership. Additionally, CIHA administers a Weatherization Program which provide upgrades and creates healthier and more energy efficient homes in the community.

To better serve the people of the Cook Inlet region, CIHA created Cook Inlet Lending Center (CILC), a nonprofit subsidiary, whose purpose is to provide homebuyer assistance, financial counseling and Individual Development Accounts to families with modest incomes. CILC is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), working with those individuals/families that are underserved by traditional financial institutions. 

Copper River Basin Regional Housing Authority

In 1976, the Copper River Native Association formed the Copper River Basin Regional Housing Authority to begin to address the significant housing shortage in the region and to provide housing to low income families. Today, Copper Basin Regional Housing Authority is the authorized Tribally Designated Housing Entity (TDHE), for the Ahtna Region. The Ahtna region encompasses 1.77 million acres containing eight federally recognized tribes: Cantwell, Chistochina, Chitina, Copper Center, Gakona, Gulkana, Mentasta and Tazlina, and the Ahtna Regional Corporation.

The housing authority provides: housing rental assistance to low – median income families; housing improvement grants to eligible homeowners; homeownership programs; and weatherization assistance to all eligible families within the Ahtna Region.


Interior Regional Housing Authority

Interior Regional Housing Authority (IRHA) serves 31 tribes in Interior Alaska, a region larger in land area than the state of Texas. The region encompasses remote traditional villages and Alaska’s second largest city, Fairbanks.

IRHA provides homeownership and rental assistance, weatherization services, housing rehabilitation and accessibility improvements to residents of interior Alaska. The housing authority currently manages 23 rental properties.

Ketchikan Indian Community Housing Authority

The mission of the Ketchikan Indian Community Housing Authority, through its housing programs, is to benefit low-income families by providing safe and affordable housing; emergency repairs (rehabilitation) to provide or restore essential services such as water, sewer, and heat; elder/disabled assistance (development-rehabilitation); to increase accessibility for our elders or the disabled so that they can continue to reside in their own homes; long term rental housing; Housing Management Services and Housing Services to provide affordable rental housing to qualified American Indian and Alaska Native households; weatherization services (rehabilitation) to provide energy efficiency upgrades to homes; home mortgage buy down assistance; Home Acquisition and Rehabilitation (Development/Acquisition/Rehabilitation) by providing Ketchikan Indian Community with more long term affordable rental units and providing the added benefit of alleviating overcrowded homes by increasing the accessibility of affordable rental units.

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Kodiak Island Housing Authority

Kodiak Island Housing Authority (KIHA) was created to assist low to moderate-income families with safe, decent and affordable housing opportunities on Kodiak Island. KIHA offers a variety of low and moderate-income rental housing opportunities including housing for elders, the disabled, young adults and rental assistance for students. KIHA also provides assistance with homeownership purchase and has been originating and servicing mortgage loans since 1981.

North Pacific Rim Housing Authority

North Pacific Rim Housing Authority (NPRHA) provides affordable housing options for communities of the Prince William Sound including Valdez, Cordova, Tatitlek, Chenega Bay, Port Graham, Nanwalek and Seward. NPRHA offers a Mutual Help lease-purchase homeownership program; affordable rental properties; down payment assistance; a housing additions financing program; a major repair loan fund and weatherization services.


Northwest Inupiat Housing Authority

Northwest Inupiat Housing Authority (NIHA), with offices based in Kotzebue, serves 11 communities in Northwest Alaska. NIHA’s mission is to “practice Inupiat values by promoting housing opportunities for our people.” The housing authority provides mortgage loan assistance; the Mutual Help lease-purchase homeownership program; affordable rental properties and rental assistance; weatherization and home rehabilitation services.

Tagiugmiullu Nunamiullu Housing Authority

Taġiuġmiullu Nunamiullu Housing Authority (TNHA) serves eight Arctic Slope communities distributed across a region about the size of Minnesota, stretching from Point Hope to the Canadian border and from the Arctic Ocean to the Brooks Range. TNHA operates affordable and fair-market rentals in the hub of Utqiaġvik (formerly Barrow) and homeownership programs in the outlying villages. Since 2009, TNHA has completed 29 new homes in six villages, the innovative, energy-efficient designs of which have received attention in statewide and national publications.

TNHA’s mission is to excel in the delivery of opportunities for affordable housing that empower, build and sustain vibrant, self-determined communities on the Arctic Slope for generations to come. Its name, derived from the beautiful Iñupiaq language, means “for the coastal and inland peoples.”


Tlingit-Haida Regional Housing Authority

Tlingit-Haida Regional Housing Authority (THRHA) provides quality, affordable housing to the people of Southeast Alaska. THRHA partners with 12 communities, services 806 homes and offers a variety of housing opportunities which include homeownership, rent-to-own, family rentals, transitional housing, student housing, senior independent living, home loans, down payment assistance, home repair, weatherization services, and project and home development and construction. THRHA’s newest programs are Financial Literacy - helping families plan future homeownership and independence; and Southeast Regional Energy Conservation Program- supporting families and reducing energy consumption.

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