AAHA provides unified state and federal legislative advocacy about policy issues that impact affordable housing in Alaska.  AAHA develops advocacy material, submits verbal and written testimony to state and federal legislative committees, and updates the AAHA membership about action from local, state and federal government agencies.

Federal & State Priorities

2021 Federal Programs

Program #1: NAHASDA's Native American Housing Block Grant (NAHBG) 

Program #2: Native American Housing Block Grant (NAHBG) Competitive Program

Program #3: Bureau of Indian Affairs, Housing Improvement Program (BIA HIP)

2022 Addressing Alaska's Housing Shortage

Program #1: Increasing Affordable Housing

Program #2: Preserving Current Housing Stock

Program #3: Recruiting and Retaining Professionals in Rural Communities

Economic Impact of Alaska Housing Authorities

The Association of Alaska Housing Authorities' (AAHA) membership includes 14 regional housing authorities (RHAs) and the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC). AAHA provides unified state and federal legislative advocacy, affordable housing development and funding information, and training and technical assistance, all in an effort to increase the supply of safe, sanitary and affordable housing and community development in the state of Alaska.

2018 Alaska Housing Assessment

This report offers a snapshot of housing characteristics across the state and focuses AHFC and other partners in work to achieve positive outcomes. It provides data that informs resource allocation, program management and evaluation decisions.